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These plush toy stuffed animals can be ordered directly from our
Web site or by phone/fax. Each one is only $13.00 plus S&H. 
Click on a portrait below for more details and pictures.

Tuyan and Baby Lan
Tuyen & Lan 
Douc Langur

Sudha and Baby Ikshu
Sudah & Ikshu 
Common Langur

Eldora and her baby Paz
Eldora & Paz 
Squirrel Monkey


Dakarai & Baby Ayoka
Ayoka & Dakarai 

Aruna & Baby Devi
Aruna & Devi
Bonnet Macaque


Hug me, I chatter   The primates pictured below chatter when hugged.  Hug me, I chatter


Janardan Chattering - Click to buy me

Bonnet Macaque

Dorinda - Click to buy me

Golden Lion Tamarin

Alberto - Click to buy me

Black-handed Spider Monkey



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Plush toy stuffed animals