Adorable, huggable plush stuffed animal toys
Plush stuffed animal toys.  Monkeys of all kinds at Wild Primates.

These are the originals as seen in zoo stores world wide!

Huggable primates only $10.00

Huggable 17"

Antuco - Plush stuffed animal toys.  Monkeys at Wild Primates.

Catalog of Hugs

  Huggable 17"
  Mom and Baby 17" 
  Chattering 17"

  Friendly 52"-54"

  Singing 5"


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Tuyen and Lan - More Moms and Babies - Click Here

Mom & Babies
also Chattering

only $13.00

Mom and Baby 17"

More than 30 plush stuffed animals to choose from. Stuffed animals available online for only $10-$13 plus S&H.

Green Rock Rattlesnake - Click to buy me
Friendly Snakes
only $13.00

Friendly 52" -54"


Blue Jay -  Plush stuffed animal toys at Wild Primates.

In partnership with the National Audubon Society
Birds with Authentic Songs
only $10.00
Singing Birds 5"

Ting Ting - One of the huggable stuffed primate animals. The primates are not only loveable and huggable, but they feature Velcro hands and feet so that they can hang around your neck.  Except for the size, the monkeys are realistic, with colors, facial features and body shapes that match the real ones. Each monkey has a name associated with the area in the world in which it lives and an informative hang tag. A monkey Web site offers free interactive games, arts and crafts activities. Some areas can only be accessed with hidden passwords found on the hang tags.

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